How to check how many sim card on my aadhar card


 How to check how many sim card on my aadhar card

Many of us use multiple SIM cards. But the Telecom Ministry has a new law limiting the number of SIM cards a person can carry. Not only that, now our Aadhaar card is used as an important document in most places. This will make it possible to know exactly how many SIM cards have been taken in a person’s name and thus take action against SIM cards that are taken beyond a certain limit. Currently, all valuable information such as our phone number, bank account number and PAN card number has been registered using the Aadhaar number. For these reasons, it is very easy to find SIM card information using our Aadhaar number. This way you can know exactly how many SIMs can take with your Aadhaar card.

In the past, people used to go to any telecom shop to get a mobile SIM card, fill out a form provided by them and ask for it along with a photo. The SIM could be activated only after the completed form was submitted to the Department of Telecom. That is, it took about a week to take a SIM card and start using it as an activator. But now with the Aadhaar biometric system you can easily get a SIM card and start using it as an activated. The same thing applies with open a bank account also.

Using this system, the number of SIMs taken with an Aadhaar card can be accurately identified. The government is developing a portal launched by the Union Ministry of Telecom for this purpose. According to the Union Ministry of Telecom, the number of SIMs that a person can take for personal use is 9. A notice will be issued to the Union Telecom Ministry if it proves during the inspection that more than nine SIM cards are being used. The number of SIM cards that a person can use in 2018 was 18. Of these, nine are for personal use and the remaining nine are for electronic gadgets. These are known as e-sim. Telecom service providers like jio, Airtel offer such SIMs.

In 2019, Telecom Analytics developed a portal for fraud management to provide consumer protection. This way it is possible to know the number of SIM cards taken using a person’s Aadhaar number. It is also possible to take action through this portal. The name given to this portal is TAF-COP Portal. Currently only those in Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh can avail this portal. This will enable them to identify the number of SIMs taken in a person’s name, report the numbers not taken by that person and thus carry out fraud management. It is hope that this system will come to Kerala soon.

If you are looking for a way to use the portal, you will need to enter your current phone number, and now you will receive an otp to that number by entering that number. Now you will get the SIM information under your Aadhaar number. If you see the number taken without your permission, you can tick the box provided on the side to report it. This will make it very easy to find and report any SIMs that have been taken illegally in your name through this portal. But we can expect this system to come to Kerala soon.

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